If you aren’t aware yet, practice is canceled for Thursday. If you missed practice today I need to have your athletes events emailed to me by Thursday night. I will be putting together my teams Friday. The meet will be our last home meet of the season. As always, I expect athletes to be at the track by 8 a.m.

Picture day is next Tuesday. Your athlete needs to be at practice by 4:30. All athletes need to be in full uniform. We will still have regular practice after pictures are taken.

Thoughts for the end of the season: If your athlete is still wanting to try an event they have this weekend and next. They will not be able to run a new event in the League Finals. All athletes have the option of participating in League Finals.

In regards to the VCYTC Championship Meet, I encourage parents to look at the top 20 to see where your child is ranked. Tigre Gremlins have quite a few athletes that are qualified or on the verge of qualifying for the Championship Meet. You can find the link here.

Please point these results out to your athlete as I will not see them until Saturday. As stated before, many are one great race away. It would be awesome to have a strong Ventura Tigres showing for the Gremlin age group.

As always, please email or text with any questions. See you all Saturday!

Coach Michelle