Hi Gremlin families,

Our first meet is this Saturday, and our athletes have more options this week!

The order of events is as follows:

Long Jump (8:20)

3200 (NOT a Gremlin event)

Hurdles (NOT a Gremlin Event)







4X400 (NOT a Gremlin event)

Gremlins can participate in long jump and up to 3 running events.  

Please have your athlete arrive by 8:00 and meet the coaches and team parents under the first canopy in the stands. We need this early arrival before the start of each meet to get the athletes their stickers, write their numbers on their hands, and walk them down to long jump. Gremlins are always first in long jump, and since it is our only option for field events, we typically have lots of athletes participate.

Your athlete will need a sweatshirt (labeled), water, lunch, snacks, sunscreen, and looking forward to the weather for the meet, possibly rain gear! Please take the time to label EVERYTHING! They often leave their warm clothing on the field after long jump, and the labeling makes it so much easier to find!!

Our last event is the 200, and the meet should be finished for Gremlins by 2:30.

Thank you to those that signed up yesterday at practice. The event sign ups will be up again on Thursday. If you are not going to be at practice this week, please email me at gremlins@venturatigres.org and let me know which events your athlete wants to participate in.

Thanks so much!