Hello Gremlins! While many of us have moved on to a new sport there is an opportunity to get together for one more event! And we can win money for the Tigres team!!! Ventura Tigres will be participating in the Community Challenge at the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. Every year I have run this race and it was awesome to be cheered on last year when I passed the Tigres Cheer Station. This year I am injured so I’ll be cheering too!!! The idea is to cheer as loud and be as memorable as possible cheering on the runners as they pass by our station.Let’s put those cowbells to use!!!  At the conclusion of the marathon, the runners will select the winners of the Community Challenge!  First place receives $3,000, second place $1,500, and third place $500. Let’s win that money!!!  We need as many enthusiastic people as possible to join us out on the race route to cheer on the runners! If you want to cheer, or are a maybe, please let me know. We would like a head count of those cheering.

 Tigres will be Cheer Station FIVE
  • Our location is 300 W Stanley
Directions are:
From Seaward Ave.
Get on the 101 N
Get on freeway CA-33 N
Take exit Stanley Ave.
Turn right onto Stanley Ave.
  • Please be there at 6:00 am and we should be done before noon.
  • Wear your Tigres uniform and any Tigres gear.
  • If you can, make a fun/inspirational marathon sign (Pinterest has some great ideas)
  • Bring anything to make noise
  • If someone can bring a portable sound station, please do so
  • Brings snack/drinks, and sunscreen.

I hope to see many of the Gremlins by my side cheering on the runners!!!!

Coach Michelle