Hi Gremlin families,

Our practice meet is this Saturday! The event options are limited for this meet since the primary focus is training the volunteers. Gremlins will be able to participate in long jump, and 2 running events. Our running choices are the 4X100, 400, and the 100. The meet is scheduled to begin at 2:30. Please have your athlete arrive by 2:00 and meet us under the first canopy in the stands. We meet 30 minutes before the start of each meet to get the athletes their stickers, write their numbers on their hands, and walk them down to long jump. Gremlins are always first in long jump, and since it is our only option for field events, we typically have lots of athletes participate.

Your athlete will need a sweatshirt (labeled), water, snacks, and sunscreen. Saturday will be shorter than a typical meet, but it is a great way to get a feel for what happens at our real meets, and for our parent volunteers to learn their jobs.

The event sign up sheets will be on separate clipboards next to the sign in sheets on the fence on both Tuesday and Thursday. If you are not going to be at practice this week, please email me at gremlins@venturatigres.org and let me know which events your athlete wants to participate in.

Thanks so much!

Kristin (805) 766-7171