Hello Gremlins! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend off and was able to relax a little. Time to get back at it! The season’s end will sneak up on us quickly!

I wanted to mention that I have been noticing a trend of athletes showing up/being dropped off late. Practice begins at 4:30pm sharp. Athletes need to be on the track and warming up. As a coach I have 75 minutes to train your athlete. This includes warm up, 3 separate stations with transition time and water breaks, and our meeting at the end to pass along vital information. When an athlete is late they can’t make up that time. If an athlete misses any part of the training it can make them more susceptible to injury. Every practice is important and so is every practice minute.

Next, picture day is this week!!!! Please have your athlete be at practice this Thursday, April 17th, so we have a full team picture. The Tigres uniform needs to be worn for this picture( singlet and black shorts). If your athlete is wearing something under the singlet we ask that it be black or white only. See everyone at practice today!

Coach Michelle