Hi Bantams and Bantam parents.

Please remind your athlete that there is no gum, food, snacks, gatorade, etc allowed on the Buena track.  We are guests on the track and we need to respect their rules.

Only water on the track.


Also, one of our athletes lost a black Garmin watch at practice today.  The band is grey.  If your athlete found it, please have them bring it to practice (and make a fellow teammate VERY happy).  Thank you!!


Some athletes are still deciding if they prefer short distance or long distance.  It is fine to move between the groups and find what they enjoy the most.  If they are used to running short distance, I recommend they run sprints on Monday and distance on Wednesday.  Mondays are long slow distance while Wednesdays are shorter faster distance.

Thank you all.  What a great group of kids!!!

GoooOOO Bantams