Hello Bantam Parents –

We are all excited about this weekend’s dual conference meet in Santa Clarita!  We have a large number of bantam athletes (20!) participating in this meet. Here’s a few things that you should know about this meet:

  • For directions to the College of the Canyons and a schedule of the events for both days, please go to the VCYTC conference website ( http://www.vcytc.org ).  If you scroll down a bit the information will show up.
  • The meet will start promptly at 8:30.  If your athlete is in an event that is scheduled first, please make sure they are there on time to get situated and warmed up.
  • Coaches are not allowed on the field. This means that the athletes will need to warm themselves up on the field, and make sure they pay attention to the event calls and get themselves into staging when needed.
  • Tigres will have a team tent where coaches will be.  Please have your athlete remain around this area so coaches can get the athletes to the field.  If you choose to sit elsewhere, it is you and your athlete’s responsibility to get to the field at the appropriate time.
  • Long jump and High jump are timed events, meaning athletes participating in these events will need to be at the events at the correct time.  Please make note of these times listed on the event schedule.
  • Events span both days.  Please make sure you know which day(s) your athlete’s events are held.

Below low is the list of athletes that have been entered into this meet, and their events.  If you do not see your athlete listed, or if the events are not correct, please let me know ASAP via email so I can make the appropriate corrections.  I was not able at this time to assemble a boys or girls 4×100 relay team, or a second girls 4×400 team.


Brandon Guevara 800 & 1500

Nicholas Rosales Henley 1500 & 400

Chelsea Ochoa 1500, 400, and 4×400

Audrey Cunningham 1500, 800, and 4×400

Lily Shadden 400, HJ, and 4×400

Ryan Mendez 100, 200, and 4×400

Gia Donaldson 1500

Braden Herrera 800 & 1500

Chase Pritchard LJ and 200

Estella Garcia 400 and 1500

Gavin Marquez 100 and 200

Rory Mills 100 and 200

Cole Dinkler 400 and 4×400

Julian Blanks 400 and 4×400

Grant Baysinger 800, 400, and 4×400

Michael Torres 1500 and 4×400

Chantelle Troutman 200 and 400

Nate Arthur 100 and HJ

Max Daniel 200 and HJ

Ryan Chapman 1500 and 400


Thanks, and looking forward to this weekend!

Coach Kevin