JV Finals and Varsity Finals are considered to be the Championship meets for the VCYTC.  These meets can be confusing for many of the athletes and families regarding athlete qualification.

To qualify for the Varsity meet (May 18th, hosted by Moorpark), the athlete must either:

a) meet the varsity standard listed on this table (http://www.vcytc.org/track/VCYTC%20VARSITY%20STANDARDS.pdf),

b) be in the top 9 performers in an event (800, 1600 and 3200 can be top 12) in the VCYTC – see the top 20 listed here (http://www.vcytc.org/track/vcytc-week4-top-20.pdf) or

c) or be petitioned in.  This means that if someone in the top 9 (or 12 in the 800, 1600 and 3200), decides not to compete, the next person in the top 20 can move into their spot.  It does happen on occasion that several people in an event do not compete, opening up multiple spots.

If the athlete does not qualify for the Varsity Final meet, they are eligible to compete in the JV Finals (this is the majority of athletes) which takes place on May 11th and is hosted by Ventura Tigres.

The same rules regarding number of events pertain to these meets as well (4 total events, 3 of which can be running and the 4 x 400 is considered a free event).  However, JV and Varsity Finals are considered one meet from this perspective.  So, if you have an athlete that  has qualified for Varsity, but also wants to compete in another event(s) at JV, between the meets, they can only compete in 4 total events (3 of which can be running).

You can not compete in an event at JV in which you have qualified for Varsity.  You also can not run on the same relay at both meets.

I know this is a ton of information and not necessarily easy to understand.  If you have any questions or need any more information, please feel free to email me at mjhammel@roadrunner.com or call me at 650-678-3681 (Matt’s cell).