Hello Bantam Parents,

We have had an outstanding season so far and I’m excited to see how our athletes perform at the last few meets of the year.  It is incredible to me how fast the time has flown by this season.  It’s been an honor to be the head coach for so many talented and enthusiastic young athletes this year.  We should all be very proud of our Bantams team and the growth that they’ve made in track and field and in their sportsmanship.

I wanted to give you a couple things to consider as we approach the end of the season.

The JV Finals and the Varsity Finals are essentially one meet spread out over two weekends.  Athletes are only allowed to compete in a total of four events between the two meets.  This means that you need to carefully consider how you choose the events in which your athlete will participate.  If they have not qualified for the Varsity Finals meet, your athlete can sign up for all four events at the JV Finals meet at Oxnard.  More details about this meet are below.  If they have qualified for the varsity meet in a particular event, they may not participate in this event during the JV Finals.  I have spoken to all of our athletes who have qualified for the Varsity Finals over the last few days. However, the official seeding meeting for this meet will take place on Tuesday, April 29.  At that point I will receive all of the official entries for the Varsity Finals meet and I will post these results at practice on Wednesday.  Please see me or contact me on Wednesday if you have any questions about this information.

The JV Finals Meet is this Saturday, May 3, at Oxnard High School.  It will be a very busy day, with representatives from all eight clubs participating in events.  Please arrive early if your athlete will be competing as there is limited room at this venue for spectators.  Remember, all of our athletes are invited to participate in this meet for any event in which they have not qualified for varsity.  However, they may not participate in any new events at JV finals.  For example, if your athlete has never competed in the 800 m, they may not sign up for this event at the JV Finals meet.

I know this is a lot of information so please contact me if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.