Good morning Bantam Parents –

I hope you all enjoyed the meet yesterday – yet another warm one! Once again, we had some outstanding performances by our athletes and several personal bests.  It’s great to see all the hard work in practice pay off at the meets!

We have our last regular season meet coming up this next weekend at Buena – our night meet.  This meet will be a combined meet with Moorpark and Ojai, and will start at approximately 3:30, with the later races finishing under the lights.

Following this meet will be our JV and Varsity meets.  Here’s what you should know about these meets:

  • The JV and Varsity meet is actually treated as one meet, meaning the same event rules apply – athletes can compete in four total events (three running) across the two meets; the 4×400 is still considered a ‘free’ event.
  • Athletes must have participated in a particular event to run this event at the JV meet.  For example, if your athlete has not run the 400m dash during a regular season meet, he/she cannot compete in this event at JV.  We have one remaining regular season meet for your athlete to compete in a new event.
  • There are two ways an athlete can compete in Varsity.  The first is to have attained a Varsity qualifying time/height/length.  Varsity standards are listed on the Tigres Website under “Practice Meets and Results”.  During this week at practice I will be notifying those athletes that have qualified for Varsity events.  Those athletes that have met this standard cannot compete in this event at JV.
  • Athletes that are in the top 9 for sprint events and top 12 for distance, but did not attain a Varsity qualifying time, are still be able to participate in Varsity.  To see where you athlete sits for a particular event, please go to – Under “2015 Season Info”, go to “2015 Results and Top 20”.  There are instructions there how to filter these standings for the Bantam Division (9-10).  This week I will be notifying those athletes that are in the top 20 for a particular event.
  • There is still time for athletes to achieve a Varsity standard, or get in the top 9 or 12, at this upcoming regular season meet.
  • There will be a meeting after the last regular season meet to determine who will participate in the Varsity meet.

I’m sure this will generate some questions.  As always, please feel free to email me at and I’ll be sure to get back with you as soon as possible.