As our first meet approaches it is a good time to review the meet rules.

To protect the athletes, spectators, volunteers and facilities we must insist everyone abide by the following….

Rules for the Meet

1 — Prior to, during and after the meet, the only people allowed within the track fence (on the track and turf field) will be:

  • active volunteers performing their designated functions under the direction of Ventura Tigres meet officials
  • athletes heading to their event
  • athletes warming up for their event (no sooner than 20 minutes before event)
  • athletes competing
  • athletes heading back to the stands immediately after their event
  • coaches approved by the Meet Director

2 — Access inside the track fence will be controlled, and everyone is required to follow the directions of volunteer staff conducting this function. No one should play or loiter behind the stands or under the stadium. Failure to comply with these directives could result in forfeiture of competing privileges.

3 — Absolutely no one should climb over the track fence at any time. No one should break, undo or remove a device securing any gate access to the track. Forfeiture of competing privileges could result (no additional warnings).

4 — No food or drink of any kind is allowed inside the track fence unless provided by a designated Ventura Tigres meet official (and this will be water only). Food and drink should not be consumed along the edge of the track to avoid spilling on the track edge.

5 — No sharp object, including equipment with spikes or narrow feet, should be placed on the track or turf. Absolutely nothing should be stuck into the turf.

6 — Relay takeoff markings should be indicated by safe, soft, low profile objects (e.g. ½ tennis ball) and not by tape.

7 — Only athletes in the Midget, Youth and Intermediate age groups may use spiked track shoes. This includes any shoes that are designed to have spikes whether the spikes are inserted or not. Only 3/16 inch needle spikes may be used. The Clerk of the Course, Referee and/or Meet Director will have absolute authority as to which spikes are acceptable. Spiked shoes will not be allowed in the shot put ring.

8 — No one should run alongside the track following a competitor in a race. This includes coaches of all age groups. It is against the rules and unsafe.

9 — No pets (of any size) are allowed in the stands or on or around the track and field.

10 — Smoking and other sources of fire or flame are not allowed in the stands, nor on or around the track and field. Please place all trash in the designated receptacles.

11 – It is each athlete’s responsibility to be at his/her event on time. Entry to each event may be closed shortly after the “third call” and no further participants accepted. Remember, track events take precedence over field events. If you are in a field event and the third call is made for a track event that you are in, tell the field event coordinator and follow his/her instructions as to how to proceed.
Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the meet!