Sorry for letting the athletes out late from practice today.  We were trying to get them through the Functional Movement Screening and things ran a bit late.

Speaking of the Functional Movement Screening, we are trying something new that I hope will be useful for our athletes.  The idea is to run the athletes through seven different movements and giving them a score of 1 to 3 based on how well they perform the movement.  We are looking for athletes that may be at a higher risk to injury due to strength issues.

If an athlete scored high or normal, you will NOT be contacted.  However, if an athlete has some areas that may increase the risk of injury, we will send you an email with the score sheet.  Hopefully by being aware of these issues, we can pay extra attention and give some options on how to address them.

Other than being a bit late, it was great to meet the athletes and I hope they had fun!!!

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know by emailing or call me at 650-678-3681.