Hi Midget and Midget parents,

Each week, I’ll be posting the workouts for the week – two purposes for doing this: 1) I want all the athletes to know what is ahead of the them for the coming week.  2) If athletes are going to miss practice, I’d like to provide them the opportunity to do the workout on their own (if they choose).  Many of the terms might not make sense to the parents, but slowly the athletes will become more and more familiar with them.  If you would like to do any of the workouts with your athletes when they can’t make practice, please feel free to ask me any questions regarding what the paces mean (the letter designations such as (E), (T) or (I)) or any other questions.  It is VERY important that the athletes don’t run any faster than the pace requested!!!  Below are the workouts for the week:


Sprint 1 mile (E)

Distance 3.5 mile (E)

Strength – Grant Green

Drills – Sprint


Sprint 2 x 800 (T)

Distance 7 min (E) 7 min (T) 7 min (E)

Strength – Athena Med Ball

Drills – Aerobic Work


Sprint 1 mile (E) 5 x 50 meter hills (SD)

Distance 3.5 mile (E) 5 x 50 meter hills (SD)

Strength – Myrtl

Drills – Speed Ladder


No Meet Sprint 10 min (E) on your own

Distance 30 min (E) on your own