We are looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow and/or Sunday at this weekend’s Invitational.

A few things for you to know:

Meet Location:
College of the Canyons
26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd,
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Meet start time is 8:30 with the first event the Midgets 3200m.

3200m runners plan to be at the meet no later than 8:00 to allow for ample warm up.
There will be 5-6 heats of the 3200 followed by the hurdles and then the 4×100.
Figure each heat of the 3200 will take at least 15 minutes from start to finish and plan your arrival accordingly, leaving time for parking and finding our Tigres tent.

Coaches are not allowed on the infield at this event.
Our Midget base will be under the Tigres bleachers; however, I will probably be found on the sidelines cheering my heart out:)

There are no stickers needed for this meet. All races are pre-seeded and athletes need only to give their name at staging.

This should be a fun and exciting meet!

Gooooo Midgets!