Hello athletes and families,

I hope you are as excited as I am!!!!

This Saturday will be our first dual meet of the season. The Heritage Valley Blazers will be hosting Tigres at Fillmore High School.
Meet start time is 8:30
If your athlete is running the 3200, they need to be warmed up and ready to be in staging by 8:15. Suggested arrival time 7:30.
If your athlete is running the hurdles, they need to be on the field, stickered and ready for warm ups by 8:00. Suggested arrival time 7:45.
All 4×100 athletes please plan to arrive by 8:00.

Order of events can be found here: https://www.venturatigres.org/order-of-events/

Please note that Fillmore High School does not allow Easy ups on the bleachers or the field. Umbrellas are okay. It is expected to be warm and sunny so please plan accordingly. We will not have the usual Tigres Easy ups in the stands to provide shade for athletes.

What to bring:  uniform, shoes/spikes, sunscreen, water, snacks (think simple and easy to digest), extra clothes ( ALL LABELED)  Only water is allowed on the track, so please keep food and drinks in the stands.

This is going to be fun!

Coach Carol