Midgets, Coaches,  and Parents- You ROCK!!!!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm, effort, patience, sportsmanship, and athleticism on a chilly wet day!
Parents thank you for supporting your athletes and allowing them to stay and get a tad soggy.
A special thanks to the Timing and Staging volunteers who kept the meet moving very smoothly despite the weather.

From my perspective:
What went well:   huge improvements in relay handoffs resulting in no DQs and significantly faster times, distance athletes’ improved pacing, sprint athletes’ improved form, Midgets cheering on  not just fellow Midgets but everyone, and 5 full teams running the 4×400 at the end of a wet and cold day – that is 20 athletes- roughly 1/4 of our Midget team out there until the very end:)

What can we work on: remembering gear:)  I have a bag of (now dry) clothes and water bottles that I will bring on Monday and improved communication with our field athletes on how to best handle multiple calls, duck tape to make those darn stickers stay put.

I am so impressed with this group of athletes and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Warmly (now),

Coach Carol