Hi Midget Parents,

WOW!!!!   What a wonderful weekend of competition! Our Midget Athletes ROCK!!!  Thank you all for coming out and supporting your athletes and the Tigres Team.

Our season is moving along quickly (too quickly for me) and there are only 2 regular season meets left before we move into the championship season.  The championship season includes Conference Finals (this meet is open to all athletes), Conference Championships (athletes must qualify during our regular season) and the Co-Conference Championship (athletes qualify through the Conference Championship Meet).
In order to qualify for the Championship Meet on May 11th, an athlete needs to be in the Top 9 (Top 12 for the 800, 1600 and 3200) in an event after the last meet is finished on April 27th. It is a HUGE accomplishment to make the Championship meet and we would like to see as many of our athletes qualify as possible. Please take a look at the Top 25 lists (below) and see where the best opportunities for each athlete may lie. Athletes may want to narrow down their focus when choosing events to compete in over the next 2 meets if qualifying for the Championship meet is a goal of theirs.
If you have any questions, please email midgets@venturatigres.org or /text 805-320-6544.

Midget Girl’s Top 25
Midget  Boy’s Top 25

Please note that the above lists will change after the results from this weekend’s meet become finalized on athletic.net and will continue to change as the season progresses.

For those Midgets hoping to earn a Golden Baton (compete in 10 of the 12 events that Midgets can compete in) or Platinum Baton ( compete in all 12 of the events offered to Midgets), they only have 2 meets left to accomplish this.  The Conference Finals meet does not count because in order to compete in an event in the Conference Finals, an athlete must have already competed in that event during our regular season.

Enjoy your Sunday evening and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Coach Carol