On Monday and Wednesday, we will have clipboards at practice for athletes to choose their events for the practice meet on Saturday.  Each athlete can choose a maximum of 3 events (no more than 2 of those events can be running events) for this meet.  The choices for the Midgets at the practice meet are:

Running events – Hurdles, 4 x 100 relay, 800, 200

Specialty event – Shot Put

During practice this week, we will be talking with the athletes more about what to expect in meets and what we as coaches expect from them as athletes.

At the rest of the meets this season, the Midgets will be able to to choose their events from all of the events offered, but this Saturday, each age group is only able to participate in a subset of the events to keep the meet as short as possible.  The practice meet is a chance for athletes to become familiar with the flow and meet procedures, but more importantly it is a chance for the parent volunteers to learn their volunteer jobs and to work out any kinks prior to the first actual meet.  Please be patient as their will undoubtedly be many mistakes and times when things don’t run smoothly.  The meets could not happen without the volunteers, so we all thank you!