Saturday is the Ventura Tigres practice meet.  This meet is a chance for athletes, coaches and parent volunteers to work out any kinks and prepare for the start of the regular season meets.  Tigres athletes will be competing against other Tigres athletes, not against another club.  Expect some hiccups, a bit of a chaos and a lot of questions.  We  really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding that this meet likely will not run like we are mid season form, because it’s the PRACTICE meet.  This is practice for all of us, so relax and enjoy.

A few things to be aware of:

  • Athletes should arrive at Buena’s track at 8:00.
  • Parents should arrive whenever the volunteer coordinator has requested.
  • We really don’t know when the meet will finish, but noon is guess – please don’t hold us to this!
  • Each age group is only doing a subset of the normal available events.  Midgets will have the options of the 4×100, 200, 800, hurdles and shot put.
  • We will be following the standard order of events found here (with the exception of no 3200 and no 4×400 relay):
  • Please be sure to have athletes wear their Tigres uniform and bring warm clothes (please label everything).
  • Please remember to help keep the message of good sportsmanship at the forefront as we cheer on our athletes.

In the Midget age group, we are really working on having the athletes become independent.  They need to learn the order of events, how event calls work, how to warm up without coaches, how to go through the staging process, etc.  Please give them the chance to do this with as little guidance from parents as possible.  They have lots of veteran teammates that can help the new athletes and they know who their coaches are that can answer questions.

Lastly, all of us coaches have been so impressed with this team.  They have been working hard and coming together as a team that supports each other.  We are so proud of the progress they have made in such a short time.  WE CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THEM COMPETE!!!