Athletes, Parent Volunteers, Coaches,

Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, effort, patience and attitude.  I think that was a great start to what I see is going to be a great season.

Parents, we are asking our athletes to share what went well in practices and meets and we will begin to take it a step further and share what we can work on too.  Reflecting back on yesterday here is how I see it:

What went well:  We had most, if not all of our athletes stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new events, new distances, and for many their first races on the track.  Our Captains lead their groups in efficient and effective warm ups, we bonded with cheers, silliness, and games on the infield, we even set some PRs.

What can we work on: relays (and we knew this coming in), giving our Captains attention and respect, because leading warm ups is not an easy job.

This week expect practice to end at 6:00 to allow us more time for relay practice, including the 4×400- YAY!

This Saturday will be our first official meet (more to follow throughout the week).  What you and your athletes need to know now (please share with your athletes):

Meet sign up sheets will be at practice all week.  Athletes can sign  up before practice, during practice breaks, after practice and during specialty practices.
*  All of our regular Midget events will be available at this meet.  That means all events except the 100m hurdles.
*  Athletes are allowed to compete in a maximum of 4 events and of those 4 a maximum of 3 running events.
*  Hurdles and high jump require clearance from the event coaches prior to competing in meets
*  There is not a minimum number of events that they must compete in.
*  The 4×400 relay is a free event and does not count towards event maximum or running event maximum.
*  If an athlete over events, all their events for that meet will not be counted

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Coach Carol

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