As far as practice meets go, Saturday’s seemed to be pretty smooth.  I hope all of the parent volunteers enjoyed learning their jobs and watching their athletes compete.  As we talked about in our team meeting, this was really a chance for the new athletes to get a feel for what a track meet is all about and for the returning athletes, a chance to be a leader and help the new athletes.  The coaches were super impressed with how well the team worked together and helped each other out.

We also had some amazing performances.  Typically meet results are posted on our website after the meets, but the practice meet results usually are not.

A few things to think about for future meets:

Athletes should be signing up for their events at practices.  We have the clipboards out every day at practice.

The order of events is going to be the same at every meet from here on out (other than the Southern California Youth Invitational).  We really want them to know the order to be aware when they will be competing so they can plan eating, warming up, etc.

Please be sure to pack plenty of warm clothes. Weather can change quickly.

Pack a water in their bag so they can have it on the field and even bring to staging.  When the weather gets warmer, they can be in staging for a while and water will come in handy.

Please be sure to label everything you bring, including uniforms and shoes.