I hope all the athletes had a great time this week.  Just a reminder that next week, we will be meeting at Buena’s track.  Our Midget team will be practicing on the normal days (Monday and Wednesday) and practice starts at 4:30, going until about 5:45.  There are also days available to all of our athletes to practice things that we can’t cover in those practices.  I would encourage athletes to come to as many days as they can and try out as many events/sessions as possible.  Check out the schedule at:  www.venturatigres.org/practice

I would especially encourage the distance runners to come for the Thursday recovery run and the sprinters to work on relays and speed development.  Come check out some of the other events like High Jump, Hurdles, Long Jump and Shot Put.

Also, please check out the training plan on our Midget page and look at the recommended workout for Saturday.  Unless you’re playing in a soccer tournament or basketball games, I would highly recommend going for a run (details are in the training plan).  Might even be fun to do it as a family!

Lastly, a reminder to label everything you plan on brining to the track.  We’ve already had a few lost and found items without names.

What a great start to the season – this is going to a great team!

As always, if you have any questions, please email midgets@ventruatigres.org or call 650-678-3681.