Thank you for your patience tonight.  We kept your kids out there until the last bit of light was gone:)

As you know, our practice meet is on Saturday and many of the athletes want to run the 4×100 relay.

We gave a very quick introduction of the relay to athletes that have never run the race before and a quick refresher course for those that have not run the relay since last season.

There is a lot to learn and we are impressed with their attention and effort.  Unfortunately, we simply do not have enough time during our regular team practices to adequately teach the relay.

Therefore, we highly encourage you to bring your athletes to specialty practice Tuesday from 5:15-6 and/or Friday 4:30-5:15 or 5:15-6 to allow them more time to practice the relay.

Meet sign up sheets will be available all week at practice.

Thank you!


The Midget Coaching Staff