Hi families,

We are missing sign ups for nearly 1/2 of our Midget athletes for this weekend’s meet.
Sign ups need to be in by end of practice tomorrow at the latest.

I highly encourage all our athletes to attend this event. You do not have to attend both days (but of course you can if you want to:))

This is a great opportunity for our athletes to set a new personal record as they are placed in heats with runners of very similar speeds.
Plus, it is in Oxnard, which is basically our backyard versus Santa Clarita or Simi Valley as in years past.

I needs signs ups for the following athletes:
Kadyn, Sam,. Baker, Julian C, Finn, Evan, Ben, Myles, Blake, Connor R, Ethan S, Chase, Tyler, Eli

Grace, Marlee, Lailah, Breena, Victoria, Hazel L, Malia, Karisma, Zoey, Vail, Bridget, Gisel, Hazel R, Bennet, Paige, Melanie

Schedule of events can be found here:  2019 Southern California Invitational

Email to midgets@veturatigres.org or text to 805-320-6544

Thank you,

Coach Carol