This weekend we will be participating in the Southern California Youth Invitational at Ventura High School.  For order of events, please see the VCTYC website (

  • This is a very large meet with close to 1,500 athletes, so there are a few things to consider:
  • Pay attention to the order of events and when your event is being held.  Do not rely solely on the event calls.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get warmed up and into staging.  Because of the size of the meet, the staging process takes longer, so be prepared to sit for longer than normal.
  • Be prepared for all weather.  It could possibly rain a bit, will likely be windy on Saturday afternoon and count on temperatures changing quite a bit.  Please bring plenty of warm clothing and plan on wearing sweats into the staging area so you are not sitting and freezing.
  • There will be a snack bar, but please be sure to know what food you need to bring and what and when you need to eat prior to competing.
  • We are guests at this meet and this is the first time Ventura High is being used as a venue.  Let’s treat coaches, athletes, volunteers and officials with respect and make sure we take care of the facility by picking up trash and keeping things clean.

This is a great meet to set PR’s because regardless of ability, there is a lot of competition that should help create great performances.  We’re looking forward to seeing our Tigres compete!