A few reminders for Saturday’s VCYTC Championships at Moorpark High School.

The meet will start at 8:30 sharp.

There may only be one heat of the 3200’s, so if you are running the Hurdles or the 4×100 relay, please be there no later than 8:00.

There are no stickers.  This is a pre seeded meet, so you just need to show up in staging when your event is called.

Since every event is a final, there is only one heat for each age group (one boy’s and one girl’s), so the meet will move quickly.  Please pay attention to the calls.

The top 4 from each event (other than distance races where it is the top 8), will move on to qualify for the CCC meet in Santa Barbara on May 21st.  If the 5th place time from the VCYTC Championship meet is a better mark than the 5th place from the SCYTFC Varsity meet, then our 5th place will qualify as well.  We will officially notify all athletes that move on after the meet.

There are no coaches allowed on the field.  We will do our best to support you from outside the track, but you all know what to do.  Go get ’em!!!