Dear parents,

I’m writing to let you know that I’ll be out of town from this Wednesday until late Saturday and will miss this weekend’s meet. Coach Chris and all of our other amazing Midget Coaches will run the practices and Saturday’s meet as per usual.  The reason for my absence is that 3 weeks ago my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly and I’ll be going out to his home in Missouri to deal with family affairs and such.

I share this because the past 3 weeks have been emotionally challenging, and I just want to thank you all for sharing your amazing athletes.  Tigres and this team have provided me some much needed stability and the smiling faces of your athletes with their awesome effort and attitude have allowed me to stay in the present and find moments of joy every day.

It may sound crazy but I have not missed a meet in my 6 years with Tigres because I really, really enjoy the meets and cheering on your athletes.  So, please text me pictures or videos on Saturday as I will be thinking of our team and I know Chance and I could use something to smile at:)

Lastly, If you have any last minute questions or sign ups, I will still receive all emails sent to and I will forward the messages on to Coach Chris. Thank you Coach Chris.

Thank you all.

Coach Carol