Hi Parents and athletes,

Saturday was another great meet for these awesome Midget athletes.  Thank you to all who were able to stay to the end and watch the Midgets take over the track with 9 4×400 teams!

This Wednesday, April 18th is picture day.  Please have your athlete arrive at practice on time and with their Tigres uniform.  If they choose to wear a shirt under their uniform, please make sure it is black.

This Saturday is our last “dual” meet before we enter the Finals/Championships part of the season
Saturday’s meet will be a home meet against the Camarillo Cosmos and meet start time is 3PM.  Arrival time 2:30 PM.
Saturday’s meet is the last meet for your athlete to try a new event.

Next Wednesday, April 25th, will be our “Fun” practice day.  But, wait, all our practices are fun!  This will be “extra” fun, so please plan your schedule so that your athlete can attend.  More on this later, as I will be asking for parental support (hint, hint-  H2O balloons)

After Saturday’s meet against Camarillo, we will be entering the Championship part of the season. There will be three remaining meets in which athletes could possibly compete. Each of these meets has different qualification criteria and rules which we have outlined below. The Conference Finals (April 28th) will be the last meet for many of our athletes (all athletes can participate in this meet). For athletes who do not qualify to participate in the Conference Championship meet (May 5th), they will no longer attend practices after the Conference Finals (April 28th) meet and we look forward to celebrating with them at the Tigres end of season picnic (details to come). So, below is a description of the final three meets of the Tigres season, including who is eligible to compete.

Conference Finals (formally known as JV)

Who: No qualification required to participate
Where: Oxnard High School
When: April 28th @ 8:30 am
What events:

To participate in an event at the Conference Finals meet, an athlete must fulfill both of the following requirements:
Have participated in that event in at least one of our team’s regular dual meets or the So cal Invitational
Exception, an athlete may compete in a relay at the Finals meet even if they have not competed in a relay during our regular season.
Must NOT HAVE qualified for the Conference Championships meet for that particular event.
Event limits: An athlete can compete in 4 events (maximum of 3 running ) at the Finals meet, the 4×400 is a free event and does not count towards the 4 event limit (same as dual meet rules).

Conference Championships Meet (formally known as VARSITY)

Who: An athlete must qualify for the Conference Championships Meet (qualifying rules below)
Where: Moorpark High School
When: May 6th @ 8:30 am

What events:
To qualify for an individual event, the athlete must be ranked in the top 9 for laned and field events and the top 12 for non -laned events (800, 1600, 3200) in the VCYTC(see below on instructions to view athletes’ standings) by the end of the regular dual meet schedule.
If there is a tie for 9th/12th place in running events, that athlete with the next best time in that event will quality over the other athlete. If their is not a next best time for both athletes, then both athletes will qualify. All 9th place ties in the field events qualify for the Championships meet.
An athlete may choose to participate in as many events as they are qualified for in the Championships meet
An athlete can not qualify for the Championships from the Conference Finals meet.
An athlete can not compete in an event in the Championships meet if they competed in that event in the Conference Finals meet.
A relay team member need not have run a relay or competed with the other members of their relay team prior to the Championships meet.
Event limits: An athlete may compete in any event where they have a qualifying mark without limit.

To view athletes ranking in the VCYTC:
1)Go to: athletic.net
2)Search for Ventura Tigres.
3)From our teams home page, click on the tab “Custom Lists” and scroll down and select VCYTC
4)Click on the arrow next to Top 10 and choose how many places out you want to see
5)Click on “filter by grade” and click on the correct age grouping – Gremlins are 7-8, Bantams are 9-10, Midgets are 10-11, Youth are 12-13 and Intermediate are 14-15
6)click “apply filter”

Co-Conference Championships Meet (sometimes known as SUPER VARSITY)

Who: An athlete must qualify for the Co-Conference Championships Meet (qualifying rules below)
Where: Buena High School
When: May 13th @ 8:30 am

What events:
Athletes who place in the top 4 at the Conference Championship Meet in any laned event or field event or place in the top 8 in distance events (800, 1600 and 3200).
Athletes who take 5th place in the Conference Championship meet, where their mark is better than the 5th place mark in the SCYTFC Varsity meet.
Relay teams who place in the top 4 when combining times in both the Conference Championship meet and Conference Finals meet.
Relay teams who take 5th place when combining both the Conference Championship meet and Conference Finals meet, when their time is faster than the 5th place time in the SCYTFC Varsity Finals meet.
A relay team member need not have run a relay or competed with the other members of their relay team prior to the Co-Conference Championship meet.
Event Limits: An athlete in the Gremlin through Youth can participate in 3 individual events plus 1 relay, or 2 individual events plus 2 relay events. Intermediate may participate in a maximum of any four events. The 4 x 400 is NOT a free event for the Co-Conference Championship.

Clear as mud, right:)

Please email with questions to midgets@venturatigres.org