Midgets  and parents,

It has been an awesome start to the 2019 Tigres season.

The Midget coaching staff has been impressed by your athletes’ attitudes and effort!  

And the fun has just begun…..

Saturday March 9th will be our Tigres Practice Meet at Buena High School. Arrival time 8:00a.m.  Meet Start time 8:30 a. m.   Estimated end time ~noonish:).

This meet will be just as the name implies- Practice.  Practice for athletes, coaches, and parent volunteers.  It is an opportunity to work out any kinks before the season kicks off on March 16th and to allow new (and seasoned) athletes and coaches to understand/remember the flow of track meets.

The practice meet is only for Tigres athletes and we will not be competing with any other team at this meet. Each group (Gremlin, Bantam, Midget, Y&I)  will only be running select events and not the full list offered at regular meets.

For the practice meet only, the events offered to Midgets will be as follows:

Hurdles- need to be cleared first which occurs at specialty practice




Shot put (field event)

For the practice meet only the maximum number of events any Midget athlete can participate in is 2 running events and 1 field event.

This does not mean that each athlete must compete in 2 running events and 1 field event.  There is no minimum number of events they must compete in, there is only a maximum number of events they can compete in.  They can compete in 1 running event and 1 field event, only 2 running events, only 1 field event…etc.

Sign up sheets for the practice meet will be available to athletes on Monday and Wednesday during practice.

If your athlete can not attend this meet, they will draw a single line through their name on the sign up sheet.

If your athlete is unable to attend Midget practices this week, please email me at midgets@venturatigres.org with their event choices.  If they plan on running the relay, I need this information by Thursday early evening or there is no guarantee that they will be on a team.

More information regarding the meet will follow later in the week as needed.

If you have questions, please email me or catch me or any of the other coaches at end of practice this week. 

With the rain and cold predicted this week, check your emails regarding practice.  No email means practice is on.  However; if it is a bit drizzly like last Wednesday, plan on practice ending at 5:30 as the rain makes relay practice, core, and other post workout activities challenging.

Thank you all!


Go Midgets!!!!!!