Several of our current board member’s children will be aging out of the program and the board would like to train new board members during the 2023 season.

Tigres board members play a very active role each season, helping before the season begins as well as throughout the February to May season during practices and meets. Board members attend monthly board meetings during nine months of the year, help at all home track meets, as well as the duties assigned to each board member. Most board positions have just a few months of concentrated responsibilities.

If you are interested in joining the board or have any questions about what is involved, let us know. You can email

The following board positions are available:

Facilities/ Operations Coordinator – You will help monitor, manage, inspect and replace necessary equipment and materials. You also will help open the gates and sheds at every home meet.

Apparel Coordinator – You will help organize, purchase, and sell all team apparel and other Tigres team items.

Our current board members will mentor you during the 2023 season.

Please consider helping Ventura Tigres in this way!