Youth & Intermediate Parents,
Saturday, March 5th is our practice meet at Buena! The purpose of the meet is to train the parent volunteers to run a home track meet and also give the athletes a chance to understand how a track meet works, including event calls, staging and meet flow. Things will probably be a bit bumpy at the start, but this is why we do a practice meet – so the parent volunteers, coaches and athletes are all better prepared when our first meet takes place against another club.

While every event, both track and field, will be ran at this meet, the events that each age group are able to participate in is limited for this meet only. Athletes may participate in up to three events total, with a maximum of two running events. The events that your athlete may participate in this weekend are the Hurdles, 1600m (mile) run, the 400m dash, the 200m dash, and the High Jump. At todays and Wednesday’s practices, I will have a clipboard for athletes to choose their events for the practice meet on Saturday.

We request the athletes be on the field at 8:00. Athletes need to wear their uniform, bring warm clothes, food and water. Make sure you label everything, things do get lost.
Parent volunteers: you are required to check in between 7:45 and 8:15. If you have not been assigned a volunteer duty yet, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Kris Shah. She can be reached at or 207-3953.

We are shooting to start the meet at 9:00 and assuming everything goes reasonably well, we should be done by noon. Also,look for me under the Youth & Intermediate tent to get your stickers.

Coach Mike