Hello Gremlin families,

Our practice meet is quickly approaching!  We are all excited to put practice into action at a meet!  Below are some updates about this busy week. But first, thank you for signing in and out your Gremlin at practice – we had 100% compliance this last practice (1st time!) – I greatly appreciate knowing that all Gremlins are accounted for after practice.

The news for the week:

Another big storm is approaching and supposed to hit Tuesday 3/5 in the afternoon – plan on practice unless you hear from me otherwise.  We have a lot to get done, especially more relay practice but we will have to cancel if it’s pouring.

On Thursday 3/7 all Tigres practices have been canceled – Buena HS is hosting a track meet.  Please encourage your Gremlin to do warmups and running in order to work on conditioning. Information about a new schedule for uniform distribution will be forthcoming from our volunteers in that department – I don’t have any further information.

Our practice meet is this Saturday, March 9th at Buena HS. Thank you to those who signed up for events at practice or emailed me.  If you have a Gremlin planning to participate but have not yet signed up, please email me ASAP.  The event options are limited for this meet since the primary focus is training the volunteers. For this meet only, Gremlins will be able to participate in 1 field event (long jump) and 2 running events.

Our running choices for this meet are:

4X100 relay (best to do only if they practiced handoffs)



The meet is scheduled to begin at 8:30am. Please have your athlete arrive by 8:00am and meet the Gremlins in the stands – we should have an orange pop-up tent.  We meet 30 minutes before the start of each meet to get the athletes their stickers, write their numbers on their hands, warm them up, and make last minute adjustments to relay teams. Your athlete will need sweats (labeled), water, snacks, and sunscreen. They can leave their bag in the Gremlin area in the stands.  Saturday will be shorter than a typical meet, but it is a great way to get a feel for what happens at our real meets, and for our parent volunteers to learn their jobs.

I will be out of town at my 20-year college reunion event (!) and will miss the meet.  Ryan DeLapp, one of our assistant coaches, will serve as the Gremlin coach.  Other assistants will be present to help out, as well.  Our Team Parents this meet are Jessica Smith & Jesse Gonzalez – one of them will be sitting in the Gremlin area.  All other Tigres levels stay on the field – Gremlins hang out in the stands for more adult supervision. Thank you all for helping – it does take a village! Reminder that non-coach parents are not allowed on the track at any time.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I am bummed to miss the practice meet but can’t wait to hear all about it.

See you Tuesday (weather permitting),