– Please be at the track by 8:30 on Saturday morning.   The Midget team will be meeting on the field.

– Please wear your uniform under some warmer clothes (sweat shirt, etc.).  If your uniform doesn’t fit, please wear black shorts (if you have them) and a comfortable shirt.

– If you have spikes, please keep them in a spike bag or shoe box until you get ready for your event.

– Remember to bring a goofy costume and practice your dance moves!  We’re going to be doing a “Harlem Shake” (youtube Miami Heat Harlem Shake if you don’t know what that is). It is not mandatory, but we hope it will be fun for all the athletes.

– There will be a snack bar, but please bring your own snacks if you would like.

– Please keep in mind, this is a practice meet.  The idea is to train the parent volunteers and the athletes for actual meets.  There will be no ribbons and results will NOT count towards Varsity qualification.  Let’s have some FUN!!!

– We realize this is the first track meet many athletes and parents have attended.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at mjhammel@roadrunner.com or call me at 650-678-3681.