Hello Parents,
I hope you are enjoying the weekend.  Saturday, March 8 is our first meet.  It is a practice meet at Buena and it is designed to give our athletes a preview of the way track meets will run throughout the season.  As it is a practice meet, the athletes will only have the option to sign up for the following events:
*4 x 100 relay
*1600 m
*400 m
*100 m
* Long Jump
They can choose 3 running events and one field event (long jump is the only option for this meet).
There will be a sign up sheet for the different events at Monday’s practice.  I will hang it on the fence. Please remind your athletes that they need to sign up for what they want to run before they leave practice on Wednesday evening.  If they need any advice on choosing an event, please ask any of the coaches and we’d be happy to give them some help.
Thanks and see you Monday,
Coach Jason