What a great day yesterday was! There was so much enthusiasm from the athletes, parents, and coaches. I really appreciate everyone rolling with the punches yesterday. The purpose of a practice meet is to figure out the kinks and hopefully we did that. Results wise, your athletes did great. It was apparent that everyone tried their best. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds! Some things that I think will help going into the future:

*Saturday was a short meet. Expect around a 3pm finish for regular meets. Please bring plenty of sunscreen, water, and healthy snacks for your athlete.  Also distractions. Boredom is hard to avoid at points.

*Please make sure your athlete has their athlete number on their left hand. Many stickers fell of yesterday and we had to rely on  athlete numbers.

*Please make sure your athlete knows what events they are participating in. Many athletes said their parents didn’t tell them or they forgot. I carry a master list of events and I provide a copy to the other coaches and our Tent Parents if someone needs reminding. It is much easier if the athlete is aware of their events beforehand so they don’t miss the call.

*Call system! I know all athletes will not hang out under the tent. That’s fine. However, I have been telling them they need to be at the tent for first call. When the announcer gives first call I expect athletes to be at the tent, lined up on the stairs. This will be the case no matter which stadium we are at. This also makes it easier for me when I am already on the field for another event. It is much easier to look into the stands and see Gremlins lined up waiting to be escorted to the field vs. searching all of the spectators trying to pick out team mates. At second call we are walking onto the field for warm up. I expect all athletes to be in that line. Third call will be staging. I make it the athletes responsibility to listen for calls and know their events.

Again, I am so pleased with the team and how they performed yesterday. Lets keep this up and have an awesome season!!

Coach Michelle