Hello Parents –

I hope that your athletes are enjoying the season so far.  It’s going to get more exciting now that we have our practice meet approaching this weekend! This meet is held each year to help our coaches, athletes, parents, and volunteers become familiar with how we run our track meets, and to (hopefully) iron out all the wrinkles before our first regular season meet the following weekend.  While every event, both track and field, will be ran at this meet, the events that each age group are able to participate in is limited for this meet only.  Here’s what you need to know for your athlete’s participation:

  • The events that Bantams may participate in this weekend are the 4×100 relay, the 100m dash, the 400m dash, 1600m (mile) run, and the long jump.
  • Athletes may participate in up to three events total, with a maximum of two running events.  So, an athlete may choose to run the 400m dash, the 1600m run, and the long jump.
  • At Wednesday’s and Thursday’s practices there will be a sign up sheet so you or your athlete can sign up for the events they wish to participate.  Please be sure to sign up!
  • This practice meet is also designed to help the parent volunteers become familiar with their duties and responsibilities.  If you have not been assigned a volunteer duty yet, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Kris Shah.  She can be reached at Kzshah@aol.com or 207-3953
  • Athletes will need to have their uniforms for this meet.

Looking forward to it! If you have any questions, you can always email me or find me or any other coaches before or after practices.


Our team captains this week are:

  • Nathan Hernandez
  • Ryan Mendez
  • Chase Pritchard
  • Chelsea Ochoa

Great job athletes! Keep up the hard work!