Practice will still take place today at Buena – but we have been informed that the Buena High Girls Soccer Team are playing a wild card play off game at Buena (3:00pm). While we don’t expect Tigres practice to be impacted, there is always a possibility that the soccer game could run a little late so we just kindly ask to be respectful and understand that the players and spectators of both Buena and the visiting school have priority of  the stadium (field and surrounding area) until the game ends and they clear out.

When coming into the stadium area, if the game is still underway, lets pack the stadium bleachers and cheer on the girls and help show our support! We will give the all clear to enter the field when its our turn.

It looks like there will also be a game Friday which will impact practice – most likely it will be cancelled but we will make a formal announcement as soon as we know more.

Lastly, another quick reminder that today is first day of uniform sales, please be prepared to get your uniforms ordered this week.