Open Registration – Begins this Saturday, December 8 at 8 am

Open Registration will continue until all available spots are filled. Please go here to sign up for our email list to be notified when Open Registration begins. Please note that some age groups have filled up within 20 minutes during past years.

Registration fees for the 2019 season will be the same as 2018.
$115 to register and $40 to pre-buy a uniform. The uniform design has not changed.

The Age Groups for the 2019 season are as follows:

Gremlins (2011-2012)
Bantams (2009-2010)
Midgets (2007-2008)
Youth & Intermediate (2001-2006)

Upcoming Dates:

Parent Meeting – February 4

First Practice – February 5

Practice Meet – March 9

First Meet – March 16

Thanks for your interest in Ventura Tigres!