[su_note note_color=”#2bce15″ text_color=”#e7ff21″ radius=”6″ class=”a.link {color:228D13;}”](ERROR CORRECTION: There was an error in today’s post regarding running shoes. The version that was sent out as a newsletter to your emails inboxes referenced November as the month Mile 26 Sports is giving all Tigres a 10% discount on their running shoe purchases. The post at venturatigres.org accurately reflects the correct month of February.)[/su_note]


With today being the first day of practice, its also the last day for a full refund of your registration fees should you need to cancel. Per the refund policy, (see handbook under heading 2016 Registration Procedure) once practice officially starts today at 4:30, refunds for any drops/cancellations will be 50% of your registration fees. (If you pre-paid for a uniform, you will be refunded that cost 100%).

If you are planning on dropping for any reason, we strongly urge you to send a email ASAP to registration@venturatigres.org. Provided your request was sent by 4:30 or earlier, then 100% of your registration fee and pre-paid uniform cost will be reimbursed.

Lastly, there are no refunds for any athlete who must drop from the program on or after March 1st.