Wow!! The end is almost here! Time fly’s when you are having fun and I am having a blast! I am VERY proud of each athlete and their individual accomplishments. It has been an honor and great fun to have been one the Gremlin coaches this season.

This coming weekend is the JV meet hosted by Oxnard.  This is the last meet for most athletes so please plan accordingly. I will have sign-up at Tuesday’s practice. The athlete is still only allowed 3 track and 1 field for events. The athlete must have run the event they sign up for at least once this season! That means if your athlete wants to try the 400m but hasn’t run it yet, they can’t. This applies for ALL events. Varsity qualifying athletes will see a black box in the event they qualified for next to their name. Varsity athletes can still participate in JV events if the 3 and 1 requirement hasn’t been met. If you have any questions please pull me aside and I will clarify. I would like EVERYONE to sign up on Tuesday. If you will not be able to sign up please e-mail me the events for your athlete. I will see everyone on Tuesday!

Coach Michelle