Since this Sunday is the Super Bowl, we’re going to start at 12:00 to give everyone plenty of time to get to wherever they plan on watching the game so you all can eat lots of wings and enjoy the half time commercials.  This is the last social run of the season since practice start next week, so let’s have a great turn out.

If you are currently registered for the 2017 Tigres season, or on the waitlist, this is for you.

It’s that time of year. The Tigres track season is right around the corner. To start getting everyone in the track season spirit, we’re going to be having a Social Run this Sunday (2/5) at noon (should last about an hour). We will be meeting at the start of the bike path at State Beach Park at the end of San Pedro ave and Harbor Ave.

What is a Social Run? It’s a chance for athletes to meet some of their coaches and teammates as well as get in a workout. We’ll be dividing into distance runners (they go for an easy run along the bike path) and sprinters (they head to the beach for a workout). Parents are welcome to come workout out with their athletes or hang out and ask questions about the upcoming season.

If you have any questions, please email