We want to make sure you dont miss any important updates during the season. There are frequent updates made to the website by board members and coaches.

When an update is posted, it is pushed out to email, SMS, and social media. As long as you check the website or social media daily, or opt in to get email or SMS updates, you shouldn’t miss anything. See below to for further info on the choices you have to stay updates.

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Everyone who has registered with Ventura Tigres was added to our email newsletters. The email address used to register your athlete was added to the Team Wide News updates as well as the list for your child(s) age group (Gremlins, Bantams, Midgets, Youth & Intermediate) If you are not receiving the updates, or other members of your family wish to receive these updates – use the above form to subscribe.

Tigres SMS updates
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You can subscribe to TEAM WIDE alerts
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To get started, text one of the keywords
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Team Wide Text: Tigres
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Bantams (9-10) Text: Bantams
Midgets (11-12) Text: Midgets
Youth/Int (13-16) Text: Youth
To see your current subscriptions,
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See below for further instructions:

Anything that gets posted from either a team wide announcement or something from your childs head coach, it should go to your email that you registered with, but until you are certain that emails are in fact making it to your inbox, we urge you to check VenturaTigres.org regularly!

Team announcements will appear on the homepage and Individual team news from coaches will be posted to their respective page (Under Tigres News > Gremlins / Bantams / Midgets / Youth & Intermediate /).

Social Media

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