I know it’s been just over 24 hours since our team picnic, but we’ve had a few people asking about summer track options.

There is a group that will be training for USATF and AAU Junior Olympics, if that is something you and your family are interested in.

Plyometric Fusion Track Club – Summer Track & Field

There is also a summer track series that takes place at Carpinteria High School.


If we get enough interested athletes, we may try to organize workouts a couple times a week and go to the Carpinteria meets which typically take place on Friday nights.

Please send me an email at youth@venturatigres.org if you are interested.

Please note – if you are currently an 8th grader and will be running cross-country for your high school team in the fall, you will be busy with your team and their summer training program.  We do not want to cause any conflict with your high school summer training, so unfortunately this would not be for you (sorry!).