At TODAYS practice (Thurs 5/10), there will be a 100m run off to see who is the final member of the defending champion Tigres coaches relay.

The race will start at 4:40 and should last roughly 15 seconds (depending on what medical attention Paul may need). I know this may take up a few minutes of your team’s practice time, but hopefully you can spare the few minutes to give the kids a show.

I’ll act as the official starter and we have a few coaches who have volunteered to act as finish line judges.

The participants are:
Jay Locher
Paul King
Zahid Shah
James Briscoe
And a late entry who is not eligible to run in the relay, but thinks he’s going to put on a show……DOUG ANDERS!!!!! from last year’s Midget coaching team.

While we await the crowning of the 4th relay member, check out last years victory run: