It’s he eve of the first meet and we are genuinely excited to see your athletes compete tomorrow! It’s been too long!! Us coaches have been prepping bib stickers, making and printing meet spreadsheets, discussing weather and cheering techniques…. Hopefully those of you at home are getting hydrated, planning to get some good rest tonight and staying positive.


Reminder to send your athlete with layers and layers of clothing (sorry for the harping… we’re both moms!). Thousand Oaks is generally warmer than Ventura although it can get quite cool at night. We all got to shiver more than our fair share at the practice meet. We don’t need to do that again! That goes for you in the stands too! bring blankets and layers so that you can stay to cheer on our team through the 4×400- our final event!


Please make sure to have your athlete on the field by 3:30 if not a few minutes earlier if they are running the 3200, hurdles, 4×100, and maybe even the long jump, or high jump. We are all hoping the meet runs quickly and efficiently which starts with all of us being on time.


Relay teams are never a guarantee. We would love nothing more than to see as many kids as possible run this event while they have the chance. Keep in mind that we need multiples of 4 to make that this happen so we have to work with the number of kids who signed up, rearrange, ask, switch, etc. If your child is not on a relay team it may mean that they are on a list to be an alternate incase someone is sick or injured or can’t make the meet last minute.


Thank you all for your support and for your wonderful kids! We will be cheering loudest for them tomorrow because WE ARE 12U! We believe in them.