Hello 8U Tigres Families!

It has been a great few weeks of practice! Thank you all for getting the kids out there. We are very impressed with the effort that they have put forth. Also, thank you for your diligence signing kids in and out- please keep up the good work.

Meet Info: The practice meet is this Saturday, March 4fth at the Buena Track. The event options are limited for this meet since the primary focus is training the volunteers. For this meet only, 8U will be able to participate in 2 running events and one field event. Our running choices for this meet are: 4X100 relay, 400, 100. The only field event for 8U athletes is the Long Jump.

Parents, please help your 8U child with the following for all meets:

  • They should know what events they signed up to run (we will try to make sure they are at the right events, but it is their responsibility to know what they are running).
  • It will probably be a little cold, so send them onto the field with their jacket or sweatshirt.
  • After their race they should get off the field and go back to the 8U tent in the stands – this is their home base – this is where we look for them when it is time to stage for an event and walk them back on the track – if they aren’t there, we cannot go looking for them.

The order of running events for 8U is:

  • 4×100
  • 400
  • 100

Field events will include:

  • Long Jump (8U usually go first at 8:30am so be on time!).

Arrival time: 7:45 in the 8U tent in the stands to get race bibs and organize relays as needed

Warm-ups: Start at 8:00am

Start time: 8:30am 

Finish: No guarantees, but this meet usually ends between 1200-100 pm. However, do not leave your volunteer position until you are done.

Sign Ups: Sign-ups will be on the clipboards at practice starting today Tuesday February 28th. If your child in not going to attend the meet, please have him/her draw a line through his/her name. Please do not email me after Friday at noon to add your child to the roster for the meet.  If your child signs up for a relay, please make sure they have attended practice to work on this skill. If we don’t have a multiple of 4, we may be unable to run everyone in a relay – please know I will do my best to give everyone a chance. Additionally, if your child signs up for a relay their other 3 teammates are counting on them to show up – if they can’t make it at the last minute, please let me know ASAP.

Volunteer Duties to be assigned this week: One of the goals of the practice meet is for volunteers to learn how to perform their duties and for the whole group to see what it takes to run a meet smoothly. Each family will receive notification by email or phone call during the week with your volunteer assignment for our practice meet on March 4 as well as our other home meets for the season.  If you have not received notification about your volunteer responsibilities by the Thursday prior to a home meet, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jeremy Patelzick at tigres.ventura@gmail.com

Go 8U Girls and Boys!

Coach Mike