Hello Tigres families!

Two weeks of practice under our belts, and we hope everyone is enjoying it!

Its been a while since our last Tigres Club update, and we have a few of them for this coming week and some information on the upcoming practice meet

Practices move to Buena High & Buena Track rules

Practice is moving to Buena High School starting Monday Feb 25th. The same schedules apply to your age groups, however – the Bantam, Midgets & Youth/Intermediate should anticipate practices running as late as 6:00pm (per the coaches discretion). There will be some practices still taking place at Arroyo Verde in the next few weeks, but advance notice will be given!

We are very fortunate to have the blessing of Buena High to use their facilities – but in order to keep our privilege of calling Buena High our home, we must be courteous to Buena High and their field rules as well as a few of our own. These rules are in effect at all times and must observed:

1) The Buena High Track & Field team does use the field before our practices start. Lets please be courteous to their workouts and stay off the field until indication by each age groups coaching staff has been given to come onto the field.
2) ONLY ATHLETES, COACHES & BOARD MEMBERS may go on the field during practices. Please no parents or siblings on the field!
3) Only clear plastic bottles containing WATER are allowed on the field. No other liquids or clear sports drinks are allowed.
4) Food & chewing gum are strictly is allowed on the field.
5) Please do not bring pets into the Buena High stadium area.

Missing Signature Forms

For those who have yet to do so, we need you to bring your child’s birth certificate for a board member to see (new athletes only) and we need ALL parents to turn in the authorization/signature form. This is a one-page document which is just a formal acknowledgement by the parent & athlete of Tigres rules, medical authorization and a volunteer commitment acknowledgement. You need only to print and complete this one page. which can be found here: https://www.venturatigres.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/2013-signature-form.pdf. You must have this completed prior to your child starting practice this week (and prior to uniforms being handed out – more on uniforms below).

The document which contains all that you are agreeing to is here (but we do NOT need this printed, we only urge you to review it since you are agreeing to these rules): https://www.venturatigres.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/tigresregpacket.pdf


Athlete uniforms will be handed out at Thursdays practice. Each coach will get their teams uniforms and hand them out accordingly. The sizes you selected during online signups will be given out. Please be aware, we will have a very limited quantity of extra jerseys, but will do our best to help with exchanges. Please do expect to keep slightly over-sized or slightly tight fitting jerseys. Those who end up with sizes overly large or small will get priority on exchanges  but we will try to help coordinate exchanges between parents. We will prepare another order if necessary but are expecting about a 4 week lead time.

Practice Meet

Our practice meet is just 2 weeks away (March 9th). All of the teams in our league have a practice meet to ensure a smooth meet flow during the regular season. It also helps our athletes & volunteers to become get comfortable with the meet process (especially our new athletes), and the meet directors get a chance to re-familiarize with meet logistics and timing. All regular meets have AM and PM shifts  but the practice meet is much shorter than a regular meet (only our club and less events), so all volunteers will be assuming the AM shift for the practice meet. Please plan your schedules that day to be here and ready with your athlete by 8:00am.

A quick orientation will begin at 8:30 and then from about 9:00-9:30 volunteers will be called to their area for brief training. Once that’s done, the practice meet will begin.

Those who have requested or are being assigned to field set-up or take-down will be notified – and your shift (even if you had put PM down as your preference) will begin early in order to get the field setup (sometime between 6:30-7:00).


Old Uniform Donations

Since we are going to be using all new uniforms this year, we would like to help the Camarillo Cosmos continue what they started last year with their donation to the youths in Africa (see story from the VCStar: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2012/sep/25/unused-uniforms-find-purpose-in-africa/).

If you would like to participate, there will be a donation box for you to drop your kids old uniforms in at this weeks practice. Preferably still in nice condition, and they don’t have to be Tigres, they can from soccer, basketball, etc…

Race & Spike shoe exchange

If you have track shoes and spikes that don’t fit and would like to help another Tigres athlete, you can bring them to practice this week. We will have a small area set-up for Tigres to swap shoes. This is only for still in good condition race shoes and spikes, not shoes that were heavily used for practice and general wear.

See you all at Buena!

Ventura Tigres