In this weeks update:

  • Olymipic Clinic/Tigres Discount Code
  • Practice Meet
  • Apparel Distribution
  • A few rules to observe while using Buenas facilities

OLYMPIC CLINIC DISCOUNT CODE FOR TIGRES ONLY!! We wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming Olympic Track & Field Clinic – hosted by Ventura Tigres and featuring Team USA Track & Field Olympic Medalists. If your athlete is wanting to take his/her Hurdle, High Jump, Long Jump or Shot Put abilities up a notch, then this is a great opportunity to do just that! For every Tigres that signsup and attends, we will be paying $35.00 of your registration fee – but to make it easier, we are creating a code you can use at checkout.

The $35 will be deducted from either the $75.00 single session or the $100 two-session clinic. (making the fee $40 and $65 respectively). The code to enter at checkout is xxxxxxx (see the email version of this update for the actual code).

PRACTICE MEET: Week 4 of the 2014 season is under way and we are inching closer to our first offical dual meet – but first our practice meet this weekend, 3/8. For all the new Tigres or new to track – the practice meet is…well practice. And its not just for the athletes but for all the parents/volunteers, as well as coaches and board members who also volunteer their time during track meets. It lets all the athletes know what to expect, explains the volunteer posistions to parent volunteers and also is a refresher for everyone else returning from last season.

Your athletes will be picking their events for the practice meet with their coaches this week, so remember to ask when leaving practice if he/she signed up for events so the coaches can get the entries in for our meet management software. Coaches will be emailing about that and what days they will be picking their events. This will be the same routing each week from here on out. If you know your athlete will be missing practice on Thursday and events still have not been selected, we need to have them emailed no later then Thursday evening to get them entered.

APPAREL: On Thursday, we will have apparel setup again – this is the last chance before the practice meet to get your uniforms…if you have not ordered you can place your order online now by going here: but you should be ok to wait until Thursday to get what you need as we have more inventory on hand. For other items such as bags, hoodies, socks – we will be setup during home meets as well.

USING BUENAS FACILITIES: Most of you know already but we forgot to remind you all about a few rules in order to remain welcomed by our gracious hosts Buena High School and VUSD. FOOD & DRINK: Abolsutely nothing but water in a clear non-glass container is permitted onto the track or inside field. Absolutely no pets of any kind are allowed on the field. If you have family coming to watch a meet with you, please be sure to tell them if they do have pets. Its usually the outside family members and friends that arent aware and have to leave disapointed because they werent aware of the rules. And lastly (this is more a Tigres rule) unless you are on the field and signed in as a volunteer with your name tag, then you are not permitted onto the field. This is for both meets and practice. And DO NOT jump over the fences please. There are only two permitable entrances onto the field during track meets, the min gate where our athletes have been getting onto the field for practice and the other is on the same side but at the end where shot put is located. Both entrances are attended – please only pass (for safety) when the gate attendant gives you the OK.

Thank you all for helping to make this a great season already!