This Saturday is the Tigers practice meet.  At practice on Monday, we’ll have the event sign up sheets available for the athletes.  The practice meet is a condensed version of a regular season meet, with the main purpose of training the volunteers.  The U15 age group will have the Hurdles, 200, 400, 1600 and High Jump available for participation on Saturday.  Regular season event limits are 4 total events, of which a maximum of 3 can be running events.  For the practice meet, the event limit is 3 total events, with a maximum of 2 running events.  Please note, to participate in Hurdles and High Jump at meets, athletes must be cleared by the Hurdles/High Jump coaches at practice (must be able to safely run a flight of hurdles and must clear opening height for High Jump).

Please have athletes consider what events they would like to participate in prior to Monday’s practice so they can sign up when we go over the process as a team.  We will be sending out more information regarding the practice meet later on this week.

As always, if you have any questions or need information, please email or call/text 650-678-3681.