With the news of the Tigers cancelations and postponement of the season, there are probably many questions on what this means moving forward.  The only thing we know, is that until April 10th, there will be no Tigres activities.  I’m very sorry for all the athletes that during this period they will be not be able to spend the time with their teammates doing what they love.  It’s obviously a difficult decision to make the cancelations, but we should all hope the situation becomes stabilized and that track activities are determined to be safe in the near future.

So, moving forward, of course we hope everyone will be safe and take care of themselves as people.  As athletes, I would encourage all to be active at a minimum and suggest to continue working out if at all possible.  The training plan is published on the U15/Y&I website that can provide a guideline.  If you feel safe doing so, maybe get together with a small group of teammates/friends to support each other during your workouts.  Since it will likely be difficult to access a track, if you need help figuring out alternatives in a park, etc, please feel free to call/text/email me.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions – 650-678-3681 or youth@venturatigres.org